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  1. Slant Six Camshaft Bearing "How To" Install

    Please do not comment until the mods have changed this into a How To. It will make their job a little easier. Thank you.

    This is a how to about installing camshaft bearings into a slant six engine. I almost didn't do this, but Kitty insisted because she has fun taking the pictures. I am glad she did now, because the slant is a little different with its offset camshaft. Being offset, the oiling holes from the mains are basically "blind". In other words, with the main caps off, you cannot see...
  2. How to Install Camshaft Bearings

    I have been wanting to do this for a while now and since I got my 383, no better time than the present.

    This is how to install camshaft bearings.

    Although this is for a Chrysler big block, the procedure is similar for most any domestic V8, V6, I6 or I4.

    First, you need the right tool for the job. I've seen people use generic bushing drivers in the past, but the right tool makes it stupid proof and will provide good results every time. Mine is the Lisle 18000 universal camshaft bearing...
  3. How To Rebuild / Refurbish an Air Ratchet

    Please keep comments in a separate thread so as not to crowd this one. Thanks.

    sireland67 took me up on my offer to rebuild an air ratchet and provide a How To on how to do it. He sent me an old Mac Tools 1/4 stubby air ratchet. It is actually a variation of the tried and true Ingersoll Rand 103/104 series. Follow along as I tear it down.

    First, here are the necessary tools. As you can see, nuthin to it.
    First, we remove the snap ring that retains the head in the head driver.
    Next, I push...
  4. How To Recondition a Sure Grip Cone

    This is a how to on reconditioning a cone style sure grip unit. This is not a boni-fide approved repair in any book or manual. I have done a LOT and I mean a LOT of them like this and never had a problem.

    I am doing this unit for our member "73SwingerBuild". As you can see, it's a pretty clean unit out of the box. To disassemble it, simply remove the eight bolts on the ring gear flange. The preload springs will push the unit apart.

    EDIT: This thread is purely a how to. I don't intend for...
  5. Thermoquad Teardown and Reassembly How To

    This will be a sticky and be locked when done. Please begin another thread for comments. Thanks.

    I am building this 850 Thermoquad for Jeremy (JMacMopars) for his 318. This is a step by step how to on teardown and reassembly.

    First, begin by turning the carburetor upside down and soaking the body screws through the back side on the under side of the base plate with P'Blaster. The screws are steel and the base plate is aluminum. They have a nasty habit of corroding.

    I want to thank my...
  6. Holley How To

    Since our friend NightMoves was burglarized, I offered to send him a carburetor. So, I thought what better time to to do this than now? I am going to build him up a nice little 1850-2 Holley 600. This is how "I" build them. I am not looking for discussion or argument. Just trying to show how to do a simple rebuild. Enjoy.
    Remember, before you put it in the cleaner, remove ALL of the gasket material that you can. It will turn into a goopy mess if you do not. As soon as I get a kit, I will...
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