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    You still have the emblems inside doors demon?
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    shipping to freeport maine
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  22. AJ/FormS
    a 3-angle valve job an opening up the bowls should be lots. If you're wanting to spend money, aftermarket heads are a much better option
  23. AJ/FormS
    As to port ant polish, it's hard to justify for a streeter that spends ~98 of it's time throttled.
  24. AJ/FormS
    Well that's too bad.
  25. WTruo
    WTruo AJ/FormS
    Hello, again man I really appreciate your advice. I have some bad news but with silver lining. I have low compression on cylinder 7. I squirted some oil in and its still showing low. Regardless I plan on pulling the heads and since they'll be in the shop I might as well have them do some port and polish work, right? But it won't be any time soon.
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