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  • 5BB0A4AD-8599-421D-964D-63FDAD14EDC0.jpeg 8E059EFC-7326-4A70-9715-88A0C9E26FCA.jpeg 54A885A6-2E47-4FEF-8C77-CA0E8AF52707.jpeg F56545F3-5EC1-449B-BBE4-3C597A58A720.jpeg 81EAA699-A85B-4A1E-842C-BE652F0342EB.jpeg 803F95A9-F594-49F7-9F02-77347F59DFDA.jpeg B831D64F-16F5-4B5C-B69C-87FFC0903E62.jpeg 41603A71-7A0F-4F0D-B781-296D537592FA.jpeg D275F6BE-18AE-4FEC-A863-E816383089CC.jpeg BCFCBC9F-3071-436D-BD94-BD956B33DF9B.jpeg D275F6BE-18AE-4FEC-A863-E816383089CC.jpeg BCFCBC9F-3071-436D-BD94-BD956B33DF9B.jpeg FF5F4EB7-6CC1-404B-AE15-9FF5875AF18A.jpeg 3DB2BBA5-57E2-4330-A4A3-D81E88C81F99.jpeg F23B03F2-2ECF-4E30-8901-FE51D1C99956.jpeg AF3DA906-563D-47E0-BE89-60A7710C86FB.jpeg 31E267BA-736C-480B-9ED3-34F09D504614.jpeg This is my 1965 Barracuda. It’s a car that I have always wanted since I saw it on the cover of Summit magazine back in the 80’s. It was a Beautiful 1964 barracuda red, that was back half and blown. I will never forget it. It has been almost 30 years since I saw that car, and now I have my own! FFFD7B66-98C5-4D01-9A70-395A202D1D2C.jpeg 0DC6E69B-6EC4-4395-82A8-41CDA4AE3914.jpeg 643EC4B4-8DB9-4C34-B3B2-ED6F4594FD1F.jpeg 0F0B44B5-43CC-4F5E-879E-4DD3E67EC780.jpeg E670B823-4224-4D58-8337-B97DF763367B.jpeg A66FD3E7-AF09-43D9-83BB-A196ED94DEA6.jpeg E6B64524-CA84-480D-82DC-F8771F919A4E.jpeg B3239034-8C68-45A3-BF82-EDF663A29B40.jpeg 10CD5A6A-C19D-4CDC-A822-A57F6A82D716.jpeg C54F8177-9118-4718-BB94-DFA0A4AE08B2.jpeg 30DC746A-1EDC-4054-8649-381344924AF0.jpeg 1E61CFF7-1964-409C-9630-7703301CABFC.jpeg 62D9F954-5F26-4DD6-965D-24B4C5C92BBC.jpeg FE6DB7F7-AE39-4570-B324-925565855D3A.jpeg B272D9CD-F391-4CF1-8DF5-2A70CEEFA1E6.jpeg 1E9E9280-331E-407E-BD8B-623A2F588FC5.jpeg 85E7B895-0721-4566-9E97-E8ACDD8948A7.jpeg CAE3ACB3-C6C4-4F8B-9087-7C51424E52E9.jpeg ACC4EA10-5428-4ECA-9CBE-CC564E0E77BD.jpeg A0C0AF9D-B8E7-46EA-BE40-D5C202E11834.jpeg E6DF5A45-0AB7-4F42-9EC3-F5D3FF03750B.jpeg 024FDC0E-F614-4F84-BEC0-4EC4CF067B0C.jpeg 73F051BC-5B56-4145-A9DC-BE505DFEEA20.jpeg 092AEF1B-6B4E-4518-82B6-7053386BB992.jpeg CA45A8E9-3BC7-4363-A6A3-74B47E72D418.jpeg 2AA0BE5C-8285-42BA-A0BA-E39E019B2E20.jpeg 4CD41EE1-E66C-484F-90E0-8AA0904D3316.jpeg 51860F42-3AEE-4687-96EA-B7DB04462037.jpeg
  • Vehicle:
    Aluminum intake
    Street Radials

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  1. Sad23
    1. Badbarracuda65
      Are you saying that you want to buy her?
      Badbarracuda65, May 17, 2020
  2. SpikeWills69
    Love your Cuda, love the 1st gens because I had a 66 that I practically lived in back in 68-69.
      Badbarracuda65 likes this.
    1. Badbarracuda65
      Badbarracuda65, May 11, 2020
  3. cheech14
    You have done a lot of nice work on your Barracuda - Lookin' Good! When I first saw it, I thought it may have been one I was looking at in Az, but it isn't the same car. Like the wheels, too!
    Keep up the good work!
    Art(RT) / Cheech14
      itchy666 likes this.
    1. cheech14
      So - just how do I "like" this??
      cheech14, May 8, 2020
    2. cheech14
      Found it!!!
      cheech14, May 8, 2020
    3. Badbarracuda65
      Thanks. This car did come from Arizona
      Badbarracuda65, May 8, 2020
  4. Perseus
    Lookin good!:steering:
    1. Badbarracuda65
      Badbarracuda65, May 8, 2020
  5. cuda27365
    Very cool ride
    1. Badbarracuda65
      Badbarracuda65, May 6, 2020
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