1962 V200 225 Valiant Wagon

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  • Well, Im new to this game. This is the first classic car of any type that I have ever owned. It is a 1962 Valiant Wagon with almost everything stock in the guts. It runs...or it did until today. Im in the process of fixing that. I'm really excited about the potential with it, and can not wait to spend a lot of money and my time bringing her up to snuff.
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    1962 Valiant Wagon
    225 slant 6

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  1. 340challconv
  2. Dartster 66
    like the fins
  3. PatrioticMopar
    So cool to see rare cars like that on here... very neat
  4. Frank Vento
    I really like that body style nice ride!
  5. A56
    California Dreamin' way back then. Cool car. Do yourself a favor and route that coil wire to the distributor over top of the heater hose and off of the valve cover.
      Patrick Michelsen likes this.
    1. Patrick Michelsen
      Thanks brother, this was a photo of the engine bay when I bought it, I have since cleaned it up and rerouted that wire!
      Patrick Michelsen, Oct 12, 2020
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  6. Rarefish383
    Back in high school my buddy had a Dodge Lancer with a slant six that he raced. Had an offy intake with 3 weber side drafts. You can make those 6's run, Joe.
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  7. ChuckDock
    Cool ride for sure!
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