1967 Plymouth Barracuda notchback

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  • hi Y'all

    my old crusty cuda. yep she's seen better days. only 61,000 on the odometer. and with her last registered in 1981 its probably true mileage. its amazing what a mess 30 years of sitting exposed to the elements and careless ownership does to a vehicle.

    i replaced the ganked up floors and cut thru rear torsion bar crossmember where somebody torched a nasty hole to make a home brewed floor shift setup. used a floor and crossmember from my 74 dart parts car. i built up a set of cordoba big brakes in front, cordoba severe duty drums in back. I just picked up some 15x7 chrysler fifth ave steelies for it, got some 67/68 plymouth dog dish caps for it. Prob gonna paint em body color.

    got used floor hump out of a duster in my friends wrecking yard. $50 so it was a pretty good score. got it welded in, at least i didnt cut thru the new crossmember like the other owner did to the old one LOL.

    steering column was 3 speed manual on the column. i converted it by removing the 3 speed shifter stuff from the column, and shaving and smoothing to remove the shifter hole in the upper column collar, i also carefully butt welded a sheetmetal cover patch on the column tube lower, and body worked it to cover up where the shifter ears came out the column lower for the transmission shifter linkage. this is going to be a 4 speed floor shift car. it only needs the horn and turn signals in the steering column now.

    i saw some nice wheeled castor stands made by US car tool for A body mopars, they bolt on just like these do. i decided to weld up and make my own setup. i got some nice 8" diameter Bassick brand swivel lock castors off an old machine stand at work that the company was sending to the scrap yard. these are like $140 each new at grainger, so i scored big time. i used 3/16" thick steel square tubing to make it sturdy as all get out. the body rolls like a dream on these.

    just cleaned, rewelded the welds on the K frame, and welded on a 1/8" thick reinforcement plate to the bottom center of my K frame. also going to box in the steering box mounts on K frame.

    also made some subframe connectors from 2x3 1/8" thick square stock. finally welded them in. pix i have to share they arent welded in yet but you get the idea, i have clecos and clamps holding them in place. i also ran the parking brake cable on the inboard side of the framerail so it doesnt interfere by running across the subframe connectors and will run parallel to them i feel this is the best way to do this. There is actually enough room to run it this way even with manual shift linkage.

    I did a complete disassembly/restoration of the dashboard, and gages. Did some upgrades while at it, an ammeter to volt gage conversion, soldered up my own solid state IVR, and used green 5630 led flexible strip light for backlighting in the gage housing. Added in the light package to the dash harnness, and rewired the dash harness to rid the ammeter setup.

    I am currently in the process of mocking up my engine setup. Using a 318 as a build jig. Car will actually have a 360 when done.

    bought some nice tubular upper A arms from john dillinger, strut rods, and lower radiator support bar from him too. nice high quality stuff, i cant wait to install these parts.

    Built a poor mans rotisserie out of scrap square stock tubing, and old trampoline tubing. It works pretty well.

    she is slowly coming along. thanks for taking the time to look the pix of my slowly evolving project.


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  1. dartnlo
    I've always had a fondness for the A-body Barracudas. First mopar I ever worked on was a 66, not mine, but spent summers working on it with my step-brother. At the time it was only 20 years old but in way worse shape than yours. You are doing this one proud. Sublime too. Fantastic!
    1. moparmat2000
      Thats actually a fluid restant epoxy etch primer made by akzo noble aerospace products. I will scuff, prime and paint the floor body color when i get that far. This stuff is tough as nails. Impervious to moisture. A 2 part kit pn# 10P4-2NF that mixes 1 to 1 and makes 2 gallons of primer is about $100-$150. Can be had from Graco Aerospace, nice and dry out here to nothing rusts out
      moparmat2000, Oct 3, 2018
      dartnlo likes this.
    Awesome work on the '67! Wish I had an 1/8th of your skills! Been a "wood butcher" all my life, can do trick things, when it comes to my trade, but you've taken it to a whole different level with "all" your skills.
  3. moparmat2000
    Will do. I think she does that more or less because restoring and fixing stuff like old cars gives meaning to my life. At least in my mind it does. I connect more with machines than people most times. I actually prefer alone time. Congrats on tying the knot even at age 60. This is my second time aboard the marriage train. I can tell you this much, there wont be a 3rd time.
  4. 69dartwant
    You have a great wife for her to do that!!! Just got married for the first time a year plus ago at age 60, and my wonderful wife wants us to get a house {small} so that I can build a {big} cool garage. I was truly blessed marring her, and it was worth the wait! Please compliment your wife for me!
  5. moparmat2000
    My wife encourages me to go in the shop when theres time. Just isnt much w 3 small kids.
  6. realDL1965
    The guy I got my 67 f/s from, wants 1000 for his 67 that was his old college car, that he bought new when he got out of the army in 67. It already has all body, and paint done, but it is a bench seat, column auto. That would have to change, definitely !!! Maybe experiment with real power on that one. Far less stock !

    Good luck on your projects. I only have 1 daughter left at home, and no ball n chain, so gives me more me time, and teacher time for my last kid home, so she learns to be a gear head too.
  7. moparmat2000
    Yep, i been slowly pickin at it. Redoing the door hinges and jambs now so i can temp rehang the doors on it. And finish up the bodywork. Honestly its been slow going. Between work, and normal home life with a family i get precious few moments. When i do get time i try to make the most of it. I also have a 69 notch i originally bought for parts, but decided to collect up parts for as a second project. I know i need to start a restoration thread but it probably wouldent get updated fast enough and get buried in fabo somewhere. It never ends LOL
  8. realDL1965
    Sorry, should have read farther. Coming along eh ?
  9. realDL1965
    Yup, you might need to replace those front fenders ? You'd have to be real experienced to reshape, and weld those tears !
  10. 69dartwant
    Decided a couple of days ago that I'm going to start learning bodywork so that I can do some of my own simply because I'm tired of shotty work from so called experts. After seeing you work here, it 'REALLY' motivates me to do so. I know you have years experience, and your great work shows that, but you have to start somewhere right? Even if I'm 61 yrs. old. "Your project and work are looking fantastic" !!!!! Waiting to see more!!!
    1. moparmat2000
      Thank you. With bodywork, start on small projects, then work your way up to bigger stuff as you learn. My first was a 68 charger when i was 15 years old. My brother taught me basics, then turned me loose on it. I worked my way around the car, twice By this time my skills had progressed to where my original attempts now looked rough, and i went over them again. Take your time, resist the urge to over sand the filler. Read about feather edging, and using a filler primer
      moparmat2000, Oct 21, 2016
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