1968 Dodge Dart 270

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  • This is my first classic car. Always wanted one. When I saw this mostly original survivor, I jumped on it.

    Options: 273 V8, 904 Auto, Power Steering, AC, vinyl top, 10" drums, AM radio.

    Modifications: Tachometer, Dual exhaust, Aluminum radiator, black vinyl top, radial tires.

    It's been repainted original color once. Original dark green vinyl top replaced with black. Carpets replaced. I'll probably re-core and put the original radiator back in. I want to keep it mostly original but make some modest changes.

    Future: HEI ignition, 4BBL carb and manifold, warmer cam, maybe a higher stall torque converter, 8.25 or 8.75 Sure-grip w/ 393 gears, front disk brakes (ones that will fit under the stock 14x5.5 rims).

    I'll drag it occasionally, just to calculate HP and see what gains I can get. It was a 17 second car when new, so expectations are set accordingly :)

  • Vehicle:
    1968 Dodge Dart 270
    273 V8 LA
    dual exhaust
    Street Radials

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  1. shootr2506
    Beautiful car If you ever should decide you want to sell it please let me know I’m interested thank you
  2. charles mill
    as what u have planned cool . 273 ? but if u change 340+ 360 u have to change flywheel then torque converter is changed. as saying 340 u can save the converter that's there but a trans over haul is in need . but a 360 is a different trans and any way u go a new or a very good transmission is a and I say good idea on the 273 u need 2 over haul the trans on 360 same . good luck. u will have fun......
  3. 383Scampman
    Where do you guys find these beautiful cars ? Wow!
  4. 1968DodgeDart270
    10/13/2019 baseline: Ran 12.96 @ 55mph at Barona 1/8 mile Antique drags. Pretty sure I was the slowest car there. I got compliments like; not bad for a 6! Um, thanks!

    This works out to about 75hp.
    1. 383Scampman
      The general public doesn't have a clue r.e. horsepower/e.t./mph . I think your car is "Nizza".
      383Scampman, Nov 20, 2019
  5. stixx
    That's a nice one and a perfect base for some mods/improvements. :)
      1968DodgeDart270 likes this.
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