1968 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback Slimer ... Leanna's Cuda

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  • So I've been a FABO resident for uhhhh like 4 years now but just recently was granted access to the vBPicGallery. A few details ...

    Purchased as a basketcase April 9, 1991 for $250
    Former owner: Lloyd Hilton (RIP), Grand Terrace, CA
    Originally a 318 automatic, now a 340 with reverse manual valve body
    8 3/4 posi with 3.23s
    Too many mods to list

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  1. George Jets
    Nice job on the car, impressive !

    I take it you run a powder coating company in Tennessee . . .
      CudaChick1968 likes this.
    1. CudaChick1968
      Thanks George!! I celebrate the shop's 13th anniversary May 31.
      CudaChick1968, May 13, 2019
  2. 383Scampman
    very nice pics . I think you are lucky to live where you do, up here in the North that car would have returned to earth many years ago .
      CudaChick1968 likes this.
    1. CudaChick1968
      Thanks Scampman! My opinion on Tennessee differs from yours (I'm a city girl lol) but I bought my car when I lived in California. It's held up pretty well despite a couple years in south Louisiana.
      CudaChick1968, Mar 2, 2017
  3. Ted Johnson
    Leanna, if you show me yours I'll show you mine. Ted
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  4. 67 Power Wagon
    Leanna, that looks AWESOME! The 340 is great, and the paint under the hood looks good too!

    I have to agree with Keith....post some new pics!
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  5. Mark 71 dart
    Wow , very nice car !!! I can only dream of mine coming out half as good as yours
      CudaChick1968 likes this.
  6. clifcuda65
    Awesome Cuda Leanna... Love 340's :)
      CudaChick1968 likes this.
  7. Tony Fields
    Me likey!!!
  8. hollywood hig
    where's the pic's with the hemi, looks like a great engine bay in the avatar!! let's see them leanna.......
  9. musclecuda
    beautiful cuda leanna sorta parcial to tor red myself tho lol all jokes aside a 68 with high impact paint is without a doubt one of the best and most sought after cars ever produced i have had die hard chevy guys tell me mine is one of the best looking rides they have ever seen
  10. dodgecity
    Hope Loyd got to see it before he passed. Nice Ride.
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