1972 Dodge Demon - New Paint

  • My 72 Demon had nice new coat of paint laid on it the other day, thought I'd share with everyone, I'm in love with this paint. I am aware that the body isn't straight as it could be, it needed a lot of work to get straightened, right now I was just more focused on getting it all one color. IMG_9689.JPG IMG_0393.JPG 20170806_1832171.jpg 20170806_1831591.jpg
  • Vehicle:
    1972 Dodge Demon
    225 Slant Six

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  1. '72 Duster Maddness
    Nice Paint Job Would Like To See Finished Project When Your Done Shogun1332 It Gives Me A Good Look At What I Might Want To Do With My '72
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  2. Mash340
    Love all the Demon's Doing my hood the same like it a lot and looks straight from the photos keep up the good job
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  3. Tysen Cooper
    If I wasn't going to keep the Sublime Green, this would be the paint. Looks great!
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  4. Shogun1332
    Thanks for the comments guys, its a Satin Black paint from SEM, they just call it Hot Rod Black I believe. Really really happy with how it turned out
  5. Projectbucketlist
    What paint?!
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  6. spycam
    Looooove that color! What is it ?
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