1973 Duster restauration and upcoming project 1966 Dodge Polara

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  1. Allencf
    Duster is looking great...Dash Cluster and steering wheel are really nice too, who makes these?
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  2. 360thunder
    I really love the color of your duster. I am presently doing a facelift on my 1974 duster 360 and we have decide to go from original rally red to a 2005 Viper Red. Will post a few pictures when I’m done. We also took off the original 74 bumpers and installed 71 duster bumpers so they tucked in tight to the body eliminating lots of weight
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  3. Garrett Ellison
    That duster looks great, but that Polara is really doing it for me. Did that come with the roof factory painted black?
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    1. Psychoduster
      Hi, yes... the Polara is nice - my wife found it in Munich and it's "hers" :) Unfortunately the car has been painted (but not realy good). So I can't tell, if it had the black roof.
      BUT ist will be restored in the same maner like the Duster.
      We are not sure about the color, but first I have to build an engine for it.... will be a 432cui stroker with a nice cam etc.... plan is to get 450HP+ :) A second Base Engine is allready waiting in my garage... not so easy to find in germany.
      Psychoduster, Oct 26, 2019
  4. Les Gibson
    What color is that paint on the Duster, and who is the manufacturer?
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    1. Psychoduster
      it's from https://www.houseofkolor.com
      Kandy apple red (yes with "k")....
      I will ask my friend (who painted the car) for the exact color-code.... next week.
      BTW and realy important... the base color you have to choose is blue, NOT black,a recommended (see new upload)
      Psychoduster, Oct 26, 2019
  5. Mouse action
    Bold choice of color for that duster.
    I love it....
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