1974 1/2 Valiant

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  • Purchased this Valiant recently. In all my years of collecting I've never seen a military issued car. Military font VIN numbers etched on all windows. Thought it was pretty cool. Took it home and started diggin in. Body was pretty solid considering it sat outside for a couple of years. Ran well but had a cold start rattle down below so out with the engine. Some dummy put. 020 bearings on a. 010 turned crank. Anyways she's in the machine shop getting all worked out. .060 over, deckin and shavin. Rv cam. All new major internals. Fresh head. Can't wait to build it. The pictures explain the 1974 1/2. Found a donar car for parts. IMG_20200327_172352.jpg IMG_20200519_121254.jpg
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    1974 Valiant
    225 slant
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  1. 383Scampman
    Love the car , good luck . Don't understand what the cutupcar is . Parts ? What parts ? Anyway nice project . Keep us posted , thanks .
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    1. Valiant352/6
      I picked up 76' valiant for parts. $150 for the whole car. It was Rusty but it had all the sheet metal that I needed to finish my 74' plus slant 2bbl engine with all A/C components etc.
      Valiant352/6, May 22, 2020
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