1975 Plymouth Scamp

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  • My grandmother bought it new shortly after my grandfather passed away. Although she lived in the interior of BC, she didn't drive it in the winter since the driving conditions can be pretty bad. That meant it didn't see much salt or many miles for the first 15 years which made the restoration somewhat easier than if it was a rust bucket.

    I learned to drive on this car and at that time it only had 29,000 miles. It now has 87,000 miles and the interior is all original.

    One of the final steps in the restoration was putting on the dealership sticker so I stopped by the original dealer my grandmother bought the car from to pick up one up. They kept some even though the sticker changed about 30 years ago. A few years later I stopped by the dealership and asked if they kept any window stickers. The current dealership owner, whose Dad sold the Scamp to my grandmother, asked me what her name was and what the VIN was. He then opened a binder and gave me the original Chrysler Canada invoice for the car 44 years later!

    The first photo was taken shortly after she bought the car.

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  1. theFightingFew
    Dang man, this thing is tight. Fantastic!
  2. Woody'sScamp
    Nice Scamp! Did you do the vinyl top yourself?
    1. H22A4
      Thanks! Nope, I had a shop in town install it. I bought the vinyl top from SMS Auto Fabrics and gave it to the shop to install. The top from SMS was an exact match to what I took off.
      H22A4, Oct 6, 2016
    2. Woody'sScamp
      Thanks, I had sent them a sample and what they sent me back was perfect. Glad to know I'm on the right track.
      Woody'sScamp, Oct 9, 2016
  3. Dannydart340
    Very Nice!!
  4. lsm360
      H22A4 likes this.
  5. ike61
    i'd drive that thing every nice day i needed to go somewhere
  6. Retrojo
    What a thrill to cruise a beauty like that, nice work
  7. mikeyb0013
    Beautiful car you did a great job on it!
  8. 7demon2
    restoration?? you got to be kidding what is there to restore? looks great to me
  9. 1966 dart wagon
    dang another car, looks nice very clean man :)
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