'67 Barracuda Fastback Formula S

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  • I went down to the beach early to get some pics. She is pretty photogenic if I do say so myself. Follow her on Instagram at @ooooo_barracuda! :) IMG_5888.jpg IMG_5891 (3).jpg IMG_5893 (2).jpg IMG_5896.jpg IMG_5911.jpg IMG_5917.jpg IMG_5921.jpg IMG_5929.jpg IMG_5932.jpg IMG_5958.jpg IMG_5965.jpg IMG_5976.jpg IMG_5990.jpg IMG_5991 (2).jpg IMG_5994 (2).jpg IMG_6016.jpg IMG_6023 (2).jpg IMG_6035 (2).jpg IMG_6063.jpg IMG_6069.jpg IMG_6093.jpg IMG_6097.jpg IMG_6099.jpg IMG_6124.jpg IMG_6127.jpg IMG_6143.jpg IMG_6154.jpg IMG_6156.jpg
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    1967 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback Formula S
    The engine is a 1970 casting date 383 with the correct engine mounts, exhaust manifolds w/ new heat riser, and chrome valve covers. Carburetor is a Carter AVS upgrade. MOPAR electronic ignition system. 4 speed transmission and sure grip differential 3.23 :1 are original. Brakes are manual front disc, rear drum and are relined and includes new front brake hoses. Clutch is New McLeod diaphragm style clutch & throw-out bearing, flywheel resurfaced, clutch linkage is rebuilt, shifter is upgraded to a Hurst Competition plus conversion from the original inland shifter mechanism. The exhaust system is a brand new duals with aluminized steel from Waldrons exhaust.
    Street Radials
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  1. Drackvan340
    You got a beautiful '67 Barracuda there. I love the paint and Crager S/S rims. Check out my '68 Barracuda in my garage. I think you'll approve.

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  2. Derrick Kidwell
  3. Rob R
    Very Nice !
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  4. cuda27365
    Beautiful car
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  5. 340challconv
    Nice; with a big block
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