67 Barracuda Hemi 528 S&M Replica

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  • Street Strip (avgas mininum) 727 auto 4200 converter, dana 4.56 super stock springs Comp Enginering cal trac type bars.
    Hemi 528 crossram with correct 68 770 cfm Holleys, ported alum heads, Isky.718 lift 286 duration roller ,Charlies aluminum 10 quart s/s static line oil pan.
    3 1/2" exhaust Borla mufflers 2 1/4" tube headers.
    67 Barracuda 68 grille/tail lights fullstock interior to keep fuel economy!
    68 NHRA compeditor .
    Need to get a rack steering and eleminate t-bars done someware in Louisiana. Disabled so cant do whole lot.
    Bad pics for now,all I got.
  • Vehicle:
    1967 Barracuda
    528 Hemi
    Drag Radials
    60 ft ET:
    1/4 Mile ET:

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  1. Drackvan340
    That's an awesome Sox and Martin tribute Barracuda! I love it! Check out my Barracuda in my garage bud.

  2. DART505
    Thanks my facebook Dart Fiveofive has a running post and updated wheels and lowered.
  3. bobscuda67
    Wow! Very cool. Can't wait to see more pics of your progress and hear in run!
  4. fish stink
    Your car makes my eyes water. The engine set up really makes me drool. I got myself a street only 69 440 4 speed project starting this winter but it will be a in and out black with black powdered center lines with chrome nuts only.planning on plastic fantastic fenders and a same style hood with plastic chrome bumpers and stock stainless trimmed glass. Should make a fun grocery getting summer toy.
  5. Dfr360cuda
    S&M 68 Cuda is my favorite car of all time
  6. Mtrhead
    Color screams Statesville NC !!
  7. charles mill
    I love look a as u may remember sox and martin look. I have a 68 383 s and a67 notch back 383. see ur point but racs r cool but they need there own room k frame work also. then aliginment 67 a body s had a fded idler arm. 8s and 9s had a good race setup. but good luck. point $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. 68Slant6Dart
  9. Sham
    Love the patriotic paint job.
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