69 Dart. Warm 440 , 727 , 8.75

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    69 dart , warm 440 ( 10-1 , alum heads , Isky cam, ...) 727. 8.75 with 355 gears. Engine on stand , trans in basement , LOL. Getting ready for nicer weather.
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  1. A Body 440 WHY NOT
    Well, I got the center chunk all done . 355 gears, brgs, seals....and put it back in the housing. Cleaned up the moser axles and got them in too. I can't tell ya how many times I had the break shoes on / off. Crazy. Now working on installing all new brake lines . When done it will be all new brake components. Can't skimp on brakes ! Gotta stop this thing too ! Getting great tips from FABO members ! Extremely helpful. I try to get some updated pics
  2. puregts
    Nice! Keep an eye on the rockers; I've had those springs in between cause issues with rubbing the pedestals and pushing the rockers into the shaft hold downs. They started nibbling and hanging up rockers. I got rid of the springs and put in two of the OEM thin spacers, from between the OEM stamped rockers, and made custom spacers that fit between those from 7/8" aluminum tubing. No pressure against the rockers and it gave me the ability to align the rocker tip exactly over the valve stem tip. That solved the problem for me. Just a friendly heads-up if you run in to this problem...
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    1. A Body 440 WHY NOT
      Thanks for the heads up !
      I have been hearing things about these being noisy too. Wish I heard it before I got them !
      Can you use the blue blocks you see on other roller rockers ?
      A Body 440 WHY NOT, Mar 3, 2020
  3. Drackvan340
    Looks like a fun project! Check out my 512 Barracuda in my garage. I think you'll like it!

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