'74 Duster Build

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  • I purchased this '74 Duster from a guy who purchased it from a friend's father. He really wanted to complete it, but was spread too thin and had other projects that needed attention, so he sold the car to me.He wanted to rebuild it but other projects took precedent and he needed to sell it to a good home. After several weeks of searching through Craigslist, I found this car for sale and by the following weekend, I purchased it. Now that our little one is almost 16 months old and is taking longer naps and going to bed at a decent hour, we can finally get the rebuild started! So excited to start and share the process....I know it may be difficult, but I'm ready!! I will add in here as the project unfolds. The first few photos are of us getting the engine out--that took some interesting maneuvering for sure...

    We purchased in August 2019 and are just now starting the process of taking the engine out to see it's condition. So far, it looks to be accurately described by the previous owner--a new engine, never been fired. I purchased a bunch of items when we first got the car, but nothing since August...really excited to get back into learning and working on my own classic car. I will update this as I go along in case anyone is interested. Until then...
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  1. 340challconv
    Great color
  2. Kendog 170
    I like the color, Add a Black stripe kit and a Dual Snorkel scoop.Black hood.
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    1. Shayne Dysart
      Looks great....how tricky was it to put the strip kit on? Was the body in good shape or did you need to do some repair work first....going to put a strip kit on mine but the body has a few dings and paint chips....would really like to know your thoughts thx Shayne
      Shayne Dysart, Apr 3, 2020
    2. Kendog 170
      That's just a pic. Not mine. I referenced it . Stripes aren't bad. There's an episode on Graveyard Cars (this season I think) where he teaches how it's done.
      Kendog 170, Apr 3, 2020
  3. Drackvan340
    Thats a great looking Duster project you got there. I love the color too. Check out my Barracuda in my garage.

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    1. Ashley P
      Thanks! I'm thinking about changing the color maybe...I don't know, for sure. First things first, get it running :) Checked out your build. Can't wait for our daughter to get involved in my husband and my love of classic cars (as it appears your daughter is!) :)
      Ashley P, Mar 3, 2020
    2. Drackvan340
      Ashley P.,

      Right on! Yes, my daughter turns 11 at the end of this month. She loves helping me in the garage and she loves riding in the Barracuda. She says she wants it one day and says I can never sell it. It's a blast to be able to share the hobby with your kids.

      Drackvan340, Mar 4, 2020
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