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  • 1st car is my 1969 Dart custom my first car I got in 1999 225$. Slant 6 car originally beige with green interior. Plans for it are Blueprint 408 stroker tremec 6spd Gerst tubular k frame coilover front end. Long project currently sitting at my work.

    2nd car is my 1965 Dart GT I’ve had this car since 2001. Original 273 auto 2 barrel. This car has been great bought I’m third owner 140k when I got it. Original engine still ran pretty good when I swapped. It’s my back up car it now has a rebuilt 273 with the high compression pistons. It has a 8.75 3:23 gears bilstein shocks all around. 1.03 PST bars with 16:1 manual steering.
    6F3A606E-6DDC-4482-A2C7-B3E351AEA1A0.jpeg A2DE7DF3-469E-4351-A09E-F7EE931C2864.jpeg 58AB69DB-C517-49B1-AB8A-4D7C6E64DB76.jpeg 78ADF368-572A-4B58-A79F-35F70920BE11.jpeg 62CCAF2E-80E3-46D6-9C0B-E0001BADCAFE.jpeg
    AA727DC6-3374-4870-B880-4351D9EAF1AC.jpeg 7842A647-E8B5-4093-8F0D-AFBDE0B6B716.jpeg
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  1. Dartster 66
    Looking good !!!!
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