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  • Your grandma's slant 6 4dr valiant! Was sitting for 3+ years at a junk yard, purchased over quarantine to make into a driver again.

    Rebuilt carb, New radiator, all new brake system, rebuilt front end, re-arched and leaf added to rear springs, wheels and tires, and all tune up parts replaced.

    Reliable driver! Recently took the car on a 2,100 mile road trip without a single mechanical failure.

    Shes rusty and im not experienced in body work. Looking for something with less rust and a v8, pm me if you have something for sale! 20200621_211419.jpg
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    74 plymouth valiant
    slant 6
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  1. Garrett Ellison
    What's the paint color on that? Does it still have the fendertag?
  2. Rallyerick
    Like them more doors, too[​IMG]
  3. 65Valiant225
    congratulation for the 225 rescue- kool looking! - I would replace the plastic fuel filter with a metal one. simply safer imo.
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    1. Henry Harmell-McBride
      thanks for the input! I was using plastics temporarily so I would know when to swap them out. Crud in tank from sitting.
      Henry Harmell-McBride, Sep 30, 2020
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  4. azhunt
    Very Cool, keep it as a daily driver and find another project!!!!
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  5. RhinoMan68
    I love the moredoors! You mentioned its rusty? Unless its really bad on the underside, I see personality...if it were me I'd keep the /6. That car as you noted in your recent 2100 mile trip will not let you down...
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    1. Henry Harmell-McBride
      As far as rust goes it needs a trunk pan, lower rear quarters, but oddly enough the worst rust is tucked up inside the dash.. holes through the firewall even. Structurally the subframe is solid! Will keep it as a reliable /6 for as long as I own it!
      Henry Harmell-McBride, Sep 30, 2020
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