My 65 Fish

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  • Found this fish in Brooklyn in 2017. Had her flat bedded home to Islip. Swapped late 225 smogger out for a late 60's version. Had the 904 rebuilt. New 9" system from end to end. New MOOG front end from side to side. New fuel, trans, brake lines. New axle bearings in the 3:55 7.25". New Kumho 205-70-14" on new Classic Rally 14"x6". Also has a 2 1/2" exhaust with a Flowmaster (great sound). It's running the Chrysler electronic ignition kit. I had the front bumper re-chromed at Nassau Chrome, last year, not impressed...…..
    She needs floors and a trunk floor, along with a good grille center, dash pad, drivers door, cowl work, and quarter work. Single resovoir converted to dual with DOT 5 synthetic.
    BUT I managed to rack up 1800 miles last year and almost as much this year. If its sunny and warm, she's rolling...…... IMG_2253.JPG IMG_2638.JPG IMG_2656.JPG P7280028.JPG PC030155.JPG PC030164.JPG
  • Vehicle:
    1965 Plymouth Barracuda
    225 slant six
    electronic ignition, exhaust
    Street Radials

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  1. Zakenstein66
    Btw: I got four of these: a 64-1/2 year, 2- ‘65s (one black & other white), & I’m the new care taker of my family’s ‘66 cuda- that my dad owned from 1993 till 2014. The rare 64-1/2 cuda I got was originally metallic red exterior with black interior. Both 65’s have red interior, while the ‘66 has “Surf Turquoise Metallic” exterior color with black interior. It’s been a long road for me since 2014 in buying my dad’s ‘66 fish, & buying the three (64, & both 65 fish’s) on restoring my dad’s old ‘66...mainly this past year has been a huge step for me in purchasing a house.... with a detached garage & an additional two car- car port. 2020 will see a lot of progress with all these projects for me, & will be a fun kinda a bitter/ sweet year. The fact that anything is possible & to anyone who struggles in building their dreams: keep at it. Hard work will pay off. & for me: I’m creating a 1966 Plymouth HELLFISH ‘Cuda
  2. Zakenstein66
    A beautiful car, & looks way better with those horrible hub caps & factory steel wheels off/ traded out for those nice rally wheels. These first generation Barracudas are so underrated. They’re a sporty station wagon, with the practicality of seating five people & the Gibbs of room, plus with its fold down flat rear seat & the little divider trunk tray that also folds down. These are good haulers, & still the luxury high end sports cars before the muscle car actually took place. Unlike Ford Mustangs where ford pushed back its firewall & made less interior room, Chrysler got it right. Plymouth (Chrysler corporation) extended the wheel base in the middle (used the Valiant wagon as a starting wheel base/ starting platform), & kept the stubby short front hood & utilized the wheel base in the interior sections for having seating five people comfortably & still having a bunch of room in the trunk & under its fastback design.
  3. 64longroof
    kinda liked the white sidewalls. Not the skirts. Maybe it was a low level Mob boss car.
  4. Mouse action
    Found In Brooklyn ? go figure.
  5. Tims 66 Cuda
    Nice Find, what is the paint color.
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