My Blue 65

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  • It took me two years of "bugging" the old lady (and her son) that had this 1965 Barracuda next to her house, to sell it to me. (2016) It had been sitting there since 1988. My plan was to clone it, as the one I owned in 1966, which was a Gold, 273 Commando, 4spd. but after starting the build I've decided to go "street rod," tricking out the the factory 225 and original paint color. The body in general was in great shape, except for the usual, rusted through floors and spare tire well. The rockers and quarter panels and fender wells were solid. Along with the floor work, I did have to replace a portion of the rear valance and the drivers side inner fender panel. ("battery rot") I drove the car for two months before starting the build. I replaced all of the brakes, gas tank, Champion radiator, starter, rebuilt the carb, elect. ignition, 14" Rally wheels etc. to get it on the road. I changed the oil , installed some new plugs and serviced the (904) transmission. It fired right up and sounded great. When I tore the interior out of it, I found the "broadcast sheet" (in excellent condition) under the rear seat. I have since tied the frame rails and re-enforced the torque boxes, installed six leaf rear springs for the shortened 8 3/4 4:10 L/S rear end. Up front I've installed tubular upper control arms, and overhauled and modified the lower control arms, Scarebird disk brakes. The engine block and head are currently at the machine shop, (block) 60 over on the bore and decked, (head) milled .100 with hardened exhaust valve seats and oversize Hughes valves and springs and some mild porting. Keith Black pistons and 198 rods. The crank register is being bored to accommodate a newer 904 and torque converter. There will be an Offenhauser 4B intake and a 390CFM Holley, with N2o. Clifford headers. I'm still researching (undecided) the cam I want to run.

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  1. LO23M8B
    Hey the 2nd time is always easier. Want to do mine, I had it since 88 too!
      circlepilot likes this.
    1. circlepilot
      A lot of work. Biggest obstacle is time to work on it. I can as much a walk over to it and put a hand on it and someone finds something more important for me to do. I'm supposed to be retired, (semi) but lately my presence is needed everyday at the business I turned over to my son about 10 years ago. I worked on the brake system this evening, adapting a duel reservoir master cylinder and adjustable,portional valve to the brake system. Hope to post some more pictures soon.
      circlepilot, Oct 28, 2020
  2. PatrioticMopar
    Really neat car
    1. circlepilot
      Thanks, getting there!
      circlepilot, Oct 21, 2020
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