"The Fleabag" 1972 Dodge Demon 340

  • I got this car off eBay in August of 2007 for $995.00. The car was only 20 miles or so from me which was even better. It is originally a 340, 3 spd car. As you can tell by the pics it didn't have any drive train for me. It did come with the drive shaft and another 3 speed. I did get an 8-3/4 rear and a 4 speed for it and some misc. parts too. The floors are actually really nice except for 2 small holes about the size of a quarter. The trunk floor, tail panel and left quarter panel need replaced. I did find a front fender and another trunk lid. I got the fender tag and even a good build sheet from the back seat with 2 dead mice,plus I got bit up by a bunch of flea's, hence the name "The Fleabag". Most of my work I am doing is at my buddies farm were he does alot of storing peoples boats and campers and other stuff. I will try to post more pics in the future.

    Update: I brought the Fleabag home on 11/3/2013 and had started to go over the motor. It sat for a while but it is still pretty good and turns over so I was glad it wasn't seized up.

    My intentions are to first get it running so I can move it in and out of the garage,then replace the temporary rear axle with my 8-3/4 with 3.91 sure grip.Then move onto the interior. The metal work I will do at a later time.

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  1. j-miller
    67 Power Wagon, it's a 360 that I stuck in it. It was a motor I bought from a friend when he used to race a dirt track car. If I remember right it was bored either 40 or 60 over and has a solid lifter cam.
  2. 67 Power Wagon
    What motor did you actually get to go into it? Nice gauges work too!
  3. txstang84
    Sweet gages-I bought one of those dashes from Mark too!
  4. DusterKrazy
    Great project!! Much better than the '72 340 Demon that I am going to fix.
  5. j-miller
    No it did not have a scoop for it. I do have a hood that has the hood scoop mounting holes and the 4 inch holes for the air to come in that I will use and I will probably redo the original hood also if I want to swap out from time to time.
  6. 67valiant 100
    Wow you got a steal. The '72 Demon is my favorite post 1969 A-body. Did this car not have a factory duel snorkel hood scoop? I don't see the holes where one would mount. Good luck with it:)
  7. dmoore
    Looking forward to seeing this one done! keep us posted!
  8. Dart-swinger
    I think the dash pad is agoner and will need replaced
  9. j-miller
    Thanks Keith, It will take alot of work ont the back half. But that project is a tinker project for now till I get my butterscotch '71 done.
  10. 66340SEDAN
    Neat car, it will look great restored, good luck!!
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