Tony's 74 Valiant

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  • While not a lifelong Mopar guy, my family had several plymouths and dodges growing up.

    One such memorable Mopar was a 1974 nasty dark green colored Valiant. It had the Slant 6. I never wanted another one....but many years later, around 2006, I was at a friends in Colorado and noticed a pristine looking 1974 Valiant driving by every day. I got to know the owner through a different connection and jokingly told him I'd love to buy his Valiant if he ever sold it. At the time he was in his late 70's and didn't drive it much.

    Every year I returned to that area for vacation and would see the car and ask him if it was for sale. Well, fast forward to last summer (2019) and I asked him again...this time he said "YES". He sold it to me and I hauled it back to Kansas.

    I have done of few basic things to the car- a new exhaust, restored it to factory height with new shackles, and new shocks. Otherwise, I'm keeping it pretty much original at this point. It rides beautifully. It had just over 42,000 miles when I bought it. I had it detailed at a local detailing shop. Looks super sweet. Th3 318 is much better than what I remember about the Slant 6.

    Here's a little YouTube video of the Valiant.
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    1974 Plymouth Valiant
    Dual exhaust with turbo mufflers

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  1. 340challconv
    Nice cruiser:steering:
  2. theFightingFew
    Beautiful! Love'n that jade green parchment combo.
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