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  • I bought this '71 Scamp in October of 1993. I saw it earlier that summer for sale at a hole in the wall used car sales lot, where it had received some crappy body filler work and cheap cover up paint job, but it was the first time I saw and learned about factory Plum Crazy paint so I loved it. I couldn't afford their asking price and it was too high, so I moved on. Later that summer I saw it in my neighbor's driveway (down 3 houses from me)! I had let it go but now I was reminded of it every day. Only a few weeks went by and then he had an orange '69 Roadrunner sitting next to it! I was like WTF. Having just turned 19 at the time, my mom ran into my neighbor's mom at a local grocery store and mentioned the Scamp. Seems he traded a motorcycle to get it, and then the Roadrunner fell in his lap right after that, so the Scamp was going up for sale! I hurried down there to talk to him, and we struck a deal on the car, much less than the used car lot was asking. From that point I drove it, raced it, did some small modifications to it, fixed things on it. When my first son was born in 1995, it was driven here and there, then it sat for a few years in storage. Some time in the early 2000's, I worked on it some more with my young son helping here and there, fixed things, put an entirely new front suspension on it. Drove it around some more. Then got a divorce. It sat for a few years again. After that was over, it was driven around again in the early 2010's, mostly by my oldest son who was a teenager at the time, to local cruises. My second son was born in 2011, and he got a little time in it as well. Meanwhile I had purchased a 340 for it and had it built, along with a new 904 trans. But the car sat again in storage for a few years more. In 2018 I finally did the deed it so badly needed and took the car completely apart for body work. This past fall, it got to a body shop where the work was done just in time for the New Year 2020! I look forward now to the most fun part...putting the car back together. And I hope to have my youngest son, who just turned 8, help me out to do it.

    These 3 photos are back when I first bought the car in late October 1993.
    71 Valiant 1 - Oct 1993[1].jpg 71 Valiant 2 - Oct 1993 no plate[1].jpg 71 Valiant 3 - Oct 1993[1].jpg

    Then these two were taken of it in October 2012.
    PA250593 no plate[1].jpg PA250600 no plate[1].jpg

    July 2014.

    Some more photos of it down below from years further back (can easily tell as I had s/s cragars on it at the time).

    340 Engine build here: My 340 completed and dyno test run!
    Body work photos can be seen here: Car finally off to body shop!
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  • Vehicle:
    1971 Plymouth Valiant Scamp
    318 originally
    340 w/beefed up 904.
    Street Radials

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  1. WayneShelton
    Are you going back the purple.. You'll get sticker shock when you see the price of that color.. My shop cost from PPG was 970.00 a gal.
      VSTwister likes this.
    1. VSTwister
      Yes, and already painted. I didn't ask my painter what it cost. I should. Thanks!
      VSTwister, Dec 26, 2019
  2. Joey4speed
    Great story.
    Brings back memories of helping (watching mostly) my Grandfather tinkering with his 72 Dart 4 door, 225. Your boys will ALWAYS remember.
      VSTwister likes this.
    1. VSTwister
      VSTwister, Dec 26, 2019
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