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66 Formula S POR15 today

  1. 20170728_143855_resized.jpg 20170728_143902_resized.jpg 20170728_151501_resized.jpg 20170728_151120_resized.jpg 20170728_163226_resized.jpg 20170728_160254_resized.jpg over all after removal of original carpet the floors are solid. The was some scaling rust. I removed with a wire wheel the decreased and used a good portion15 metal prep. GREAT STUFF!
  2. Looks good. I like 3 pedals and a console. I see she even has air. Nice ride.
  3. Thank you! Disc brakes, console 4 speed, factory AC, retractable seat belts. And the build sheet lol
  4. Nice!
  5. 20170801_165917_resized.jpg 20170801_165911_resized.jpg 20170801_165906_resized.jpg 20170801_170004_resized.jpg
  6. ACC CARPET! Great kit well fit!
  7. Good to know on the carpet, I need one. Nice car
  8. Thank you, good luck
  9. Nice car n great job! I'll be to that point in about 6 months with my 66 good to know on the carpet.
    I wish I had the 4speed n air
  10. Thank you, it's gotta be very rare I can't find another 4 speed with air anywhere except hot rod mag Sept 2010.