Front end rebuild parts Interchangable ?

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    I have a 1965 dodge dart originally a slant6 suspension car . im upgrading the suspension to disc brake parts from 73-76 abody cars. I'am using my 65 lower control arms and 74 duster spindles calipers and 11" rotors and 74 factory upper control arms. I always use parts made for my year of car but noticed front suspension parts are getting harder to find like the pitman arm? Can i use 67-74 pitman arm?? The only pitman arm for my dart i've seen brand new is by a movtech and doorman? Im worried that there built cheap and only last maybe a ywar or two? This dart will be a daily driver and i want parts that last. Is the 67-74 pitman armis a different geometry? I'm up grading to a v8 and will be using a V8 drag link instead of the slant 6 drag link. What do you think or any questions? Let me know thanks
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    I'm not too experienced with early A-bodies. Mainly 70 - 76 A bodies, I've done a little with my buddies 68 Barracuda but that's about it. (67-69 Barracuda is possibly my next car if I can't find a decent 71-74 Satellite).
    But I'll do my best, I believe that early A's have narrower k-members. Even with disk spindles from 73-76 you still have steering components from 65. Whether or not they play well with upper control arms from 73-76 is unknown to me, but it'll definitely alter your alignment base I believe but the 65 Dart pitman arm is different.
    PST | Car & Truck Suspension Parts | Performance Suspension is also an awesome site to use if you're seriously thinking about modernizing you front suspension further. They have resources that may help further.
    I've used that site to that basically converted my Duster into a handling machine using QA1, PST and Proforged parts.
    Also note that 73-76 A-bodies have 2 different pitman arms. one for power steering and one for manual. has pitman arms for the 65 dart from Proforged. Proforged makes decent products.
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    Don't expect to use the Pitman Arm from anything 1967-up. You are working with the early-A platform, of which the 1963-1966 cars have parts in common--and use a different drag link than '67-up. The part number (MOOG K7074) states application for a '67 Dart, and other A bodies up to '72--but NOT lower.

    moog-k7074 | Pitman Arm | Dodge Dart 1967-1972

    I have never put a '65 & '67-up Pitman arm next to each other but I expect you'll find significant differences (the approach to the center link, the clocking off of the steering box sector shaft, etc.). If I couldn't get a MOOG front end part, I would probably get the Dorman part instead, & just inspect it for wear every time you crawl underneath to lube the front end.

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