MDS Solenoid Removal

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    Like most on here, probably, most of the Hemi builds I do don't want or require the MDS to function. We'll just buy the plugs and appropriate liftets. Well, I'm doing a 2006 engine that is out of a 300C AWD. MDS needs/he wants to function. As you all know, these absolutely SUCK to get out. Even if you don't care that they come out in a thousand pieces, it still is a PITA! I came up with a simple solution today. Loosen the rataining bolt. Not all the way, but, almost. Most of the time you can get them to try and rotate in the bores. I say try because they can't make a complete revolution on account of the retaining tab. Move them back and forth a few times. Apply air pressure to the bleed port. You will see it try to pop out. Apply very light prying pressure between block and solenoid, using flat blade. A few back and forth prying motions, and, POP! Out it comes. Don't think this has any adverse effects on the solenoids. Someone with more knowledge may chime in. Hope this helps! 20190531_103631.jpg 20190531_103639.jpg 20190531_103658.jpg 20190531_103620.jpg
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