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    May 24, 2009
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    Right now the track is without a lease holder. After the beating Craig took last year with the no spectators, no concessions and no big events he decided to walk away on the last year of his agreement with Spokane County. Obviously there is a crap load of rumors circulating about the tracks future.
    Unless things change I will be at AirwayX, the local Motocross track with my camera gear. I made mention to a local racer that I was planning on going to a couple of the other dragstrips, Renegade and Walla Walla, here in Washington. My wife is not to keen on me spending the nights that I will need in a hotel with the Covid crap being the way it is...she is on a biological med that runs hers immune system down the crapper. Any way, my friend told me that if SCR is shuttered this year he was planning on racing at both of these drag strips. Normally his wife goes with him but she has some health issues and is not up to going to to the track with him. Well...my buddy has offered to tote me and my gear along with him...he has an RV that he stays in at the tracks...so hopefully no hotels for me.
    We will be at Lost Creek Raceway on July 23rd-25th. I am hoping to make it to at least one of the other MX tracks here in the Pacific Northwest.
    I have left my web site up that is dedicated to Spokane County Raceway. I also started a second site that will have all the MX shots. It is also going to be used for any of the drag strips I manage to make it to this year along with all my personal stuff. I found a whole bunch of images that I took dating back to 2000-01-01. These pictures are from the same quality that I shoot now but I am posting some of them anyways.
    I have talked with the managers at Lost Creek, Walla Walla & Renegade, they all have no problem giving me track access. I spoke with the other MX tracks I want to go to, they also were receptive to me being there with my gear.
    I would really like to attend Rocky Mountain Raceweek, just don't know if my back would be up to it. I have sent them a few emails, have yet to hear back from them. If they would allow me trackside that may be the only drag race event that I shoot this year.
    If any member here races at Renegade or Walla Walla please do let me know when you will be there...
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