Twin Cities area cry for help (slant six/carb)


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    May 26, 2018
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    Hi all,

    I'd posted on here previously about my problems with getting a carb (holley 1920 single barrel, just rebuilt by a local carb shop) to work on my 70 Dart Swinger 198 Slant Six. I also posted a video on a FB Slant Six group to see if there was anything obvious we were missing (have decent experience spread through a couple friends but they work on modern EFI cars). Got some great advice about fine tuning the carb but I think the problem is the actual linkage due to the fact that the car does turn over and run, but it runs FULL OUT, unless someone is manually controlling the butterfly valve. In other words, it is ALL or nothing and we've tried everything we can think of. We've also looked at pics of similar set ups and it seems like it's not ridiculously wrong but we're just not experienced enough with this engine to know what we're not seeing.

    Having said all that, thought I would throw out a shot in the dark and see if anybody in the Twin Cities area (I'm in W. St. Paul) would be willing to drop by and offer any advice. It might literally be five minutes where you say "uh yeah, this linkage is connected wrong geniuses". We're more than happy to do any actual work but we're shooting in the dark right now as to what is incorrect or broken. Happy to offer some cash or pizza or the pleasure of our company etc and more than happy to work around your schedule.

    Appreciate any advice or leads on if someone knows somebody with experience who might be willing to help!
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      Jul 9, 2014
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      Check your PM
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