67 Cuda vert

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  • bought July 2019...exciting plans for "cruiser"...pics along the way 00x0x_hUPOI5FS9Cf_1200x900.jpg 00P0P_7KzQ5p15V8L_1200x900.jpg 00606_cpOVZS7qkLq_1200x900.jpg
  • Engine:
    gen3 392
    Street Radials
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  1. charles mill
    love it I have a formula S 383 notch back but 4 real hows floors my converts always cost me but made baby happy good luck . but fix it $ in the pocket.
  2. wils841
  3. cudaguy36
  4. Harry Marker
    I just picked up a 69 Conv Ply Barracuda last week. I tried to read the fender tag but there are a lot of codes that dont seem to corespond to anything. Where would I find the info for the fender tag? Love the car! Hope to see you at a show. Im in Lewes Delaware.
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