68 Dart GT (Betty)

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  • Car was owned by the original owners until 2003 in Eugene Oregon, Cert card and documentation from many of those years they owned it! Check out the original owners name, that's why I call her Betty. This is a very, very rare white on white car, haven't seen another with all white interior on Sable white exterior. IMG_4374.JPG IMG_4375.JPG IMG_4370.JPG IMG_4374.JPG IMG_4375.JPG
  • Engine:
    225 slant 6
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  1. Mark Wainwright
    I think I would keep the original wheels on it and if I'm correct those wheel disks are quite rare and worth $$$$$
    1. jtkaaa07
      Actually, the car came with 13" wheels, and butt ugly hubcaps, I put on new 14" wheels and tires, and took a nice set of charger hubcap's which can be bought for around $100 and painted them to look like GTS hubcaps. I have a thread that shows how I did them.
      jtkaaa07, Jul 10, 2017
    2. jtkaaa07
      This car is for sale , not advertising it right now
      jtkaaa07, Jul 10, 2017
  2. partsmonsta
    Super CreamPuff.
    That white on white is very sought after. Luv to see some pics of the interior.
    I would be tempted to drop on a nice new pair of rallyes and be done.
    1. jtkaaa07
      I've only seen a couple white on white cars, and they all had black door top's, from what I can tell this may be the only triple white dart made in 68 ! only thing black is carpet, and dash. Carpet is cashed, and need's to be replaced
      jtkaaa07, Jul 10, 2017
    2. partsmonsta
      I had seen some white Darts/A Bodies with the white top, but thought that was incorrect. Good to know. --- My first Car was a 67 Cuda 273 Commando with White Interior. I used to use Wesley's Bleach White to clean the Seats. Had the black tops, too.
      partsmonsta, Jul 10, 2017
  3. Mark Wainwright
    I would keep your hands off Betty and leave her all original. What a nice find.
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    1. jtkaaa07
      That is what my plan is, everyone tells me that. I love it just like it is
      jtkaaa07, May 8, 2017
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  4. cuda27365
    vey nice
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