72 dodge demon sorry I havent been on in a while update 1/10/10

  • Well it's been a while was laid off for six months finaly got a job at the school bus garage as a tech pays good and benies are great so I am getting back on track to getting this beast done the drive train is complete and running sounds awesome with the open headers neighbores realy love it HAHAHA. I worked over the winter to do the the stuff that didn't cost money like 3 weeks on the wheels. I was going to buy new but couldnt get what I wanted with a 4 inch pattern so I restored the old ET's they are 10 inch wide on the back a real hard rim to find but they came on the car so what the hay. I finaly got a body guy to help me out with some barter work on his old 66 chevy half ton truck so it is paint time YEEEEEEHAAAAA. I would like to thank all the guys on this site that have realy hepled me out over the years to get me this far. I am hopeing to get her done by the end of the year. Fingers crossed. Thanks again all Ray
    Well didn't get it done but I did get her painted. Check her out. finaly got her all painted including the flat black on her hood. Had a set back a light that I had hanging on the left side of the car (8 fter) fell and goughed the paint on the left rear qauter and drivers door took three times to get it to match but I won. Got the windsheild out of the attic and found it had cracked so now I am looking for one of thos they want 230 for one and installed not to bad but it is a extra cost that I hadn't anticipated OH WELL

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  1. LH23H2R
    I agree with Scottylack ; I'm not typically a fan of red (unless the car was originally painted red) , but this is NICE ! Love the wheels , too . They look like Ansen Sprints , or something similar . Keep up the great work !
  2. Bulldozer
    dude i LOVE the color . we need more pics of that thing outside in the sun !!
  3. scottylack
    not a fan of red, but I like this one ...!
  4. earthmover
    what color paint is that..man it is nice..
  5. Raleigh Rocket
    Those wheels are SICK!
  6. 6469MOPAR
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