Dads 65 Formula S Ressurection. And other cool stuff.

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    Thought I would share some of the efforts that have been expended on the Barracuda my father purchased on Dec 31, 1965. It has seen a rough life, surviving through me "driving" it when I got to, my brother owning it for many years (his driveway is dirt and looong.) He parked it (inside, thank goodness) for many years after it "started to steer funny". Eventually he sold it to me when he needed room for his 69 Camaro SS big block convertible (!). I was busy running my business and working another job, so it sat for several years in a plastic garage (Costco castle) I started working on it several times, but always, something would happen to derail the project. The last derailment was when my house burnt down. Fortunately I only lost a few parts that were stored in an area that got burned. Among those parts were the original Commando air cleaner and associated engine items. Things I packed away because I didn't want them to get messed up. Funny how that played out. A while back a long time friend offered me space in his shop to redo the Barracuda (the Formula S - I have another as well) That was a couple of years ago and we have been working on it, one of his cars (He has some Really nice stuff!) or waiting on parts/machine work/ money/etc. It's been fun - mostly.
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    1965 Barraucuda Formula S.
    1969 Teener. +
    Complete renovation including Boring, balancing, clearancing, porting and replacement of everything that moves in the motor. Fresh std. crank, Eagle rods, KB pistons, Comp Cam & valve train, roller rockers, Manley Stainless valves, ported J heads, Mopar Performance oiling mods,RPM Air Gap, MSD dist, coil, etc.Currently using stock manifolds 'cause the supplier sent the wrong headers. 2.25" dual exhaust all the way back thru Flowmaster 40's (Loud - but I like it!). Hmmm, where to stop???
    Street Radials

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  1. PistolGrip
    You people with lifts & know what you're doing spoil it for the rest of us. :)
    1. cheech14
      As far as the lift goes - I don't even have a garage to work in - my long time friend Steve was gracious enough to let me use his shop. As far as knowing what I'm doing - well, maybe a bit, but Steve was a top mechanic for many years as well as being a "professor" of auto technology at the local college. Me - i'm just an old racecar builder/driver. A car guy, I guess.
      Art (RT)/Cheech14
      cheech14, May 8, 2020
  2. cheech14
    Really.....I have NO idea how the pic of the bowtie got in there! Honest! (I do have a bowtie motor, but it's in a 66 Ford F-100! I will post a photo of it someday - it doesn't look too bad.) ;-p
  3. cuda27365
    Very cool car
    1. cheech14
      Thanks! It's been a lot of work, but even more fun and gratification!!! cheech14/Art (RT)
      cheech14, Mar 27, 2020
  4. cheech14
    These are not in any particular order - I have had the car running twice - once with a 273 (slightly modified) and again with the "fresh" motor. The photo of the car with no paint on it is most current, taken on New Years Day. 1500 or so cars at the Cruise In at Kitsap Mall in Wa. The red car with the flame is another of my projects - a 318 4speed car (my Retro Cruiser) Fun car to drive, but most assuredly a work in progress. (on the back burner until the Formula S is more complete). More to follow - Cheech14/ Art (RT)
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