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  • 49307126028_e15bc5eaaa_c.jpg 48641444488_0d2cff8f8b_c.jpg I have just become the custodian of my late brother Bob's 1966 Valiant. It's been in the family since 1967 and was drag raced through the late 60's to the early 80's. Several iterations of engine, transmission and modifications. Best dial-in was 11.67, still looking for all the time slips. The car was returned to near stock in the 1990's and currently has a 360LA roller and A833 trans. It has been off the road since 1996, cocooned under multiple layers of car covers in my brother's back yard, next to his 1962 Chrysler 300. Bob later raced the ex-Jim Meyer pro stock 74 Duster in a super gas bracket, still using the 340 but without the Paxton supercharger. His dial-in was usually 9.80.

    I've always been a Ford guy, like my dad (that's his Galaxie behind Bob and the Valiant at our gas station), and the 2018 Mustang GT is just the latest in our family line of 1966 289 2bbl coupe, 1969 351 2bbl sportroof, 1984 SVO, 1969 Boss 302, and 1970 Boss 302. I set up my 69 Boss 302 for open track and raced it at Willow Springs and California Speedway and I may do the same with the Valiant. I extracted the 70 Boss from a back yard sand pit where it was buried up to the floorboards. I built a new Boss engine using a NOS D1 service replacement block and a set of std TRW pistons that Bob had stashed away. That's me with Randy Ream, Boss 302 master, at the Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knotts Berry Farm. My orange 69 is also in the background.

    Also somewhat crazy for Triumph sports cars and my 1969 TR6 is just the latest in the family line of 1964 Spitfire IV, 1962 TR4, 1969 GT6+, and 1977 Spitfire 1500. My current 1969 TR6 I restored but left unmodified except for the option American Silverstone mags.

    Oh yeah, and a whole mess of vintage bicycles!
    Bob with new Valiant.jpg Jun-68-Cragars.jpg Mar 72 OCIR.jpg Trophy at OCIR Nov 73.jpg Golden State Time Slip.jpg Winternationals Time Slip.jpg Valiant Car of the Week.jpg 20200109_153204.jpg 49172412653_ae2661fa4b_o.jpg 49307126028_e15bc5eaaa_c.jpg 15699615979_d0794db65a_c.jpg 49298827938_04cbb403dc_o.jpg 48641444488_0d2cff8f8b_c.jpg 8322330225_6762bbb8e7_o.jpg
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  1. Dozier
    any interest selling the valiant ?!
  2. tinman2
    Nice pictures from the past. I used to drive a truck hauling pianos all over the country from North Carolina. In 1980, I had an extra day between loads and got to go to OCIR. I hated to hear that it was being closed. A lot of history there I'm sure. I have a few pictures from my visit. That tower was so cool. I could never forget that. Carl
  3. SpikeWills69
    Very cool. Love that Valiant.
  4. cuda27365
    Very cool story and pics!
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