my garage Dodge Dart 1970 GT

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  • my project start in 2014 Belgium, Rixensart city. I buy English used car store, Jaguar specialist,at prices of 14,000 euros. the car is very nice, my priority was to find a Dart with a body and interior in good have to imagine that any information, any purchase of parts is always very difficult in europe.the problematic point in belgium is that my project is totally iterdit.too late, my will is to keep my dream alive.
    the travail preparation of painter is most proche of original car. as it is very expensive the U.S. parts here in Belgium.
    the hardest part is when I buy, and it's not the right choice
  • Engine:
    original engine: Slant Six 170,... now the old engine 440RB

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  1. Dodgebro408
    Wow looking really nice :thumbsup:
  2. Andrezinho
    feast day, I just ordered a new valve cover gasket, gearbox housing.
    it’s so much compared to my will, but I’m happy.
    it's always complicated to order for me here in belgium. know how to find the right part, avoid intermediaries, pay in advance, wait a lot of weeks, and still pay customs once you get here.
  3. missing linc
    Very nice car, you've done some really nice work on the chassis stiffening, love the color too!
  4. Drackvan340
    That's an awesome big block Dart you got there! It's always good to see a project come together. Check out my Barracuda in my garage!
  5. Rob R
    That's a lot of work! I know I've done it many times...
    Looks Great!!:thumbsup:
  6. Andrezinho
    thank you,
    it's a long-term project, with difficult moments, and moments of great satisfaction
  7. triumphman
    Looks like you are really having fun now. Keep it up. I am sure it will be a great finished Dart.
  8. Scott19_72
    It's hard enough to find parts in the US. Excellent work on that one, good luck with the build!
    1. Andrezinho
      thank you all for the encouragement.
      for the moment the rear axle is original.
      I drive slowly, afraid of breaking.
      Andrezinho, Jun 7, 2020
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