My restoration project

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  1. triumphman
    Looks like a great find. As you are finding, everything that has changed, Motor, headers, loose steering, etc. will have to be addressed in order to have a safe streetable rocket.
    Keep in mind, "Fun with Mechanics" (Use to be a magazine) when you run into problems, which will happen. And walk away from it at times to rethink the issue.
    Have fun:)
  2. RCW
    This summer I ran across this 1971 440 scamp. It was a father/ son project that the son never got into, so it had sat for a few years.
    I got it home and got it running with just a little carb work. The car has a lot of small problems, as it was set up as a drag car.
    A little info on the car. From back to front, 373 narrowed sure grip, leaf springs moved back, drive shaft loop, pinion snubbed, sub frame connectors, 727 reverse pattern manual valve body and Mini tubbed. A little info on the motor, 440 bored .30 over, purple cam, torker 2 intake, 750 with four Conner idle from the “Carb Shop”, hooker super comp fender well headers and has 10.5 to 1 compression. The owner said it turned a 12.2 in the qtr. without any traction off the Mickey Thompsons.
    The good: Motor, trans and rear end have been rebuilt with very low miles. Body is pretty solid and interior is black and respectable.
    The bad: No back seat, I hate the 55 mile an hour cruise, the trans hit so hard (even off idle) it jars your teeth. Cannot turn the wheel all the way without hitting the tires on the headers. The moroso 8 qt oil pan has dents and leaks. The steering coupler wore out and has two inches of play. It has four wheel drum brakes. It has a fiberglass lift off hood, (which is a pain) front fenders and bumper.
    The plan: I don’t mind the valve body but I have to tone it down. l’ve Pulled the motor and trans to fix the oil pan.
    I found a front clip with a nice hood and inner fenders but the outer fenders are rough. I will probably reuse the glass ones. I don’t like the painted front bumper so I will try to find a steel one. I am going to fill the inner fenders and try to buy some tri ys. Anyone need some hookers?
    I like the color so I will be painting it the same color. I’m debating on trying to find a scoop like the one I have or putting the twin scoops on it. I’m thinking maybe 3.23 gears and going front disc brakes.
    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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    1. charles mill
      sounds normal. 4 real u learn. make ur self happy. inotherwords try and learn. all sounds good u happy we r also .
      charles mill, Nov 20, 2019
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